Learn How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Cream For Stretch MarksStretch marks can take place with sudden or even more subtle changes in the size of your body. Some examples are when you gain and lose a great deal of weight, such as when you are pregnant and giving birth. They may also come from other disease processes such as thyroid disease where you gain and lose weight dramatically.

Female And Male Stretch Marks

About 2/3 of all women–and many men, will get these marks in their lifetime. Most of the time the issue is more problematic for women than it is for men. The experts say that about 90 percent of all women will get some type of stretching of the skin during pregnancy. These can be placed on their stomach, their thighs, their hips and even on the upper part of their legs. The tendency toward these marks seems to be largely genetic in nature. What that means is that if your mother had them during her pregnancy then you probably will too.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent or to minimize stria (s) ( Dermatology term). There are some other steps that you can take to lessen the appearance of them, both the new ones and the older ones. You do have options when it comes to clearing them. The first is prevention.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks

Believe it or not, there are some tropical ways that you can work to prevent and even to correct current marks that are in place. An overall study done of different herbal moisturisers that compared them determined that people who used a lotion daily had far fewer than those who did not. Think about it in terms of a dry paper which rips quite readily, but a paper that is oiled will stretch to a degree before it tears. The tearing is what actually causes the skin to expand.

Best Cream Available

Using lotion on your body, where you are concerned about getting stria may prevent the formation of some of them. Using lotion on aged marks may help the appearance of them to improve slightly, it does not help as much as oiling up the newer ones or your skin before the stretch marks appear. Recent concerns about the kind of lotions that we’re using and the chemicals and toxins that may be in the lotions that we use has compelled various studies on more natural types of lotion.

The best that have been found are natural based. You also have the ability to make your own lotions or moisturising products using wheat germ oil, aloe vera (watch for allergies on this one) or using olive oil which is a very natural and very helpful product that also lowers the incidence of allergic reaction and does contain some helpful minerals.

Prevention During Pregnancy

One study that was undertaken by the University of Michigan stated that using Retin A on new marks could nearly eradicate them in a reasonable amount of time. Retin A is a product that is thought to boost the production of collagen in the body. Bear in mind though that pregnancy prohibits using retin A as it is contra-indicated in pregnant women, which is the primary time that women as a whole would need the protection from these marks.

There are other methods to get rid of stretch marks of course which are slightly more invasive, such as skin peels and laser treatments. These have been very useful in everything from burn to scars and can in many cases nearly completely remove them, depending on how deep the stretch or the tear is.

Best Treatment For Stretch Marks

All in all, it was found that when these marks are new is the best time to treat them and that natural topical lotions and moisture methods work best to accomplish that. Take care what you are using and try to ensure that your doctor approves it before you use a given mixture in pregnancy, but do try to use a moisturiser of some type every day during pregnancy on those areas which are prone to preventing them as well as treating them as soon as they appear.